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Client and student testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than what other people are saying about a business. Here are a few of the many positive reviews I have received. Feel free to ask me for references if these don't convince you!

Joey is a great instructor. He posses two things important in teaching (1) patience (2) the ability to break down information in an understandable way. I appreciate that he focuses on what the student wants to learn while gently steering them in a productive and ultimately educational direction. I have been under his instruction for 6 months now and have experienced a dramatic difference in my playing and understanding of music. I have recommended him to several people already and recommend him to anyone that wants to learn how to play or improve their guitar skills. -Josh K.




 Joe has been teaching our son for almost a year, and the results have been dramatic. His lessons are a refreshing blend of theory and fun. There is no song that Joe is unwilling to teach! But he keeps our son focused on getting back to the basics, so he doesn't just become a tab player. All in all, I would recommend Joe to anyone wanting to learn to be a talented guitar player. We certainly have seen the difference in our son's playing and his attitude too. -Gavin D.

 I took lessons from Joey and had a great time! He was very patient and I enjoyed going to lessons. I have had guitar teachers in the past but none made me as interested to practice as joey made me feel. He taught me how to improvise and solo which was something that I could only experience in a band. The only reason I stopped taking lessons from him is because I moved to Michigan. I would suggest taking lessons from Joey to anyone that is interested in learning a life skill. -Martha M.



I have been taking my 8 year old son to Joe for about 6 months for first lessons. Joe is a great and very patient instructor. He takes the time to explain things to my son in a very easy manner. I definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a great music instructor. -Andre S.



 I signed up my 11 year old son with JHGS almost a year ago and we couldn't be happier. Joseph is professional, patient & encouraging with a desire to heighten anyone's enthusiasm for music. My son started a complete beginner with an acoustic guitar given to him as a gift and has moved on to an electric. Joseph made the transition very smooth and my son is very happy with his skills. If you are looking for a fun and energetic teacher who will bring out your best musical abilities, you've found him. Thanks, Joey! -Mary P.

 Joseph has been teaching my 12 year old daughter guitar for a couple of years now and just started teaching our 9 year old son piano a couple of months ago. Joey is an excellent instructor who works very well with children. We have been happy with his instructions, prices and flexibility. I am in fact going to find a bumper sticker that says "We love our guitar teacher" :) -Echo S.




Joseph Hanson has been a wonderful experience for my 8 yr old son. He has an incredible amount of patience. When my son was involved in other after school activities he has fought going after just a few weeks, with this one he anticipates going. He is very supportive and encouraging, never gets upset when MY DS gets off track , but gently encourages him back on track. My son has several learning disabilities that technically shouldn't make guitar an option, but Joey uses styles that work for him. so if your looking for an instructor whether your young or old or have specific LD, including Autism this is the instructor you want, and his prices are great compared to other instructors I looked into. -Jamie J.

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